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Optical grade polycrystalline CVD diamond

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CVD diamond applications include multispectral laser optics, dielectric windows, heat sinks, and more.

Diamond is the ultimate material for a wide variety of applications because of its outstanding physical properties, including extreme hardness and strength, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, excellent dielectric properties, resistance to chemical attack, and optical transmission over a wide spectral range.

We produces high-quality polycrystalline CVD diamond substrates in its state-of-the-art growth and fabrication facilities. The material is grown using a plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition process, laser-cut to the required dimensions, and the surface is finished to the customer’s specification. Other special fabrication services are available, such as edge-grinding, laser-engraving, and optical assembly design and fabrication. II-VI Advance Materials specializes in advanced optical coatings for diamond substrates, including AR, HR, and TFP for single wavelength or multi-spectral applications.

Some of the products that can be supplied by II-VI include:

  • High-power CO2 laser windows (10µm range) for industrial laser applications
  • High-power multi-spectral laser windows for industrial or research applications.
  • High-power millimeter-wave windows for fusion and directed energy applications
  • Heat spreaders for extreme thermal management applications
  • Products for mechanical applications requiring ultra-hard materials.
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For more information about CVD Diamond products and applications, contact a II-VI Infrared sales and support representative.

Optical grade polycrystalline CVD diamond stock products are available for immediate shipment.
Buy your CVD Diamond products directly from our CVD Diamond buy now page.

CVD Diamonds are also engineered to meet the needs of particular application areas. If you need different CVD diamond shapes, sizes or specifications, please contact us for a quote.

Please call Toll Free 888.558.1504 or email to advanced.materials@ii-vi.com
Our sales department can assist you for any custom order, questions, or special requirements

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  5mm x 5mm, 500µm(±100µm) 8mm x 8mm, 500µm(±100µm) 10mm x 10mm, 700µm(±50µm)
10mm, 700µm(±50µm) 8mm, 500µm(±100µm) 25.4mm, 1mm(±100µm) 25.4mm, 1.2mm(±50µm)

All parts ±0.050µm lateral dimensions, Ra < 30nm both sides, edge taper < 3°

CVD Diamond substrates are finished to customer specifications, including:

  • Thickness: tens of µm to over 2mm
  • Surface finish: as-grown, lapped, polished or ultra-polished
  • Surface figure: ultra-flat to slightly convex or concave
  • Optical configuration: plano-plano, wedged, slightly focusing or defocusing.
CVD Diamond can be produced in various material grades, including:
  • Electronic or detector grade
  • Optical grade
  • Thermal management grade
  • Mechanical grade

Contact for CVD Diamond Contact

For more information about available Diamond products, Please contact


375 Saxonburg Blvd., Saxonburg, PA 16056
724-352-5206 (phone)
724-352-0641 (fax)

Term & Conditions

Major CVD Diamonds Applications

  • CO2 Laser Windows(10.6µm)
    - High Power Industrial Leasers
  • High Power Microwave Windows
    - Gyrotrons, Fusion Reactors
    - Radar, Directed Energy Weapons
  • Thermal Management
    - Heat Sinks

Unique Properties

Extreme Hardness Scratch Resistant
Highest Thermal Conductivity Five Times Better Than Copper
Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient Resistant to Thermal Shock
Transparent Over Wide Range Deep UV, Far Infrared, Microwave
Chemically Inert Durable, Biocompatible

Material Properties

Physical Characteristics
Structure cubic, polycrystalline
Grain Size Thickness and process dependent (0.05 - 1mm)
Grades Optical, Thermal, Microwave, Detector, Mechanical, Customer Specific
Thickness* up to 2mm
Fabrication Capabilitiy
Size Laser-cut to customer specification, maximum diameter 145mm
Dimensional Tolerance +/- 50µm
Polishing Aspect Ratio
Up to 50:1 for diameters up to 145mm
Power <0.5 fr/cm
Irregularity <0.5 fr/cm
Transmitted Wavefront <0.5 fr/cm
Surface Roughness <15nm
Thermal Properties (Thermal Grade Materials)
Thermal Conductivity @ 20ºC up to >2,200 (W/mK) at Room Temperature
Special Heat 1 (10-6 K-1)
Linear Expansion Coefficient @ 20ºC 0.536 (J g-1 K-1)
Optical Properties (Optical Grade Materials)*
Bulk Absorption @ 10.6µm <0.07 (cm-1)
Bulk Absorption @ 1um <1 (cm-1)
Scatter @ 1µm <0.7 (cm-1)
Microwave Grade Materials
Microwave Loss Tangent(Tan δ) <2e-5


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